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Baby Massage Classes

The course is 6 sessions long learn the full body massage over the first 4 sessions. In the 5th we learn the Quick and the introduction to baby movement. We also include some nursey rhymes and children`s songs (don`t worry about your singing voice mine is terrible.)

We also have a chance to discuss over a cup of tea and some chocolate biscuits various issues;

*How did the birth go?

*a sensory toy workshop?

*Dental care "when to start?"

*weaning "where to start?"

* returning to work "childcare options" or "to stay at home"

*Setting for your babies growing into toddlers!

The 6th session is for "Father's only" giving the fathers a chance to come with their babies on a weekend morning and learn the (mums can get a lie in).

Massage oils and baby massage robes are provided as well as a leaflet with details of and songs to help you practice at home.

 Classes are suitable from about 4 weeks old, your baby is likely to be more receptive at a few weeks old when more used to touched, and the Massage you will learn can then be enjoyed throughout childhood, hopefully when they are older they will give you a massage back! 

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