communicating Love through touch!

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What parents have had to say about the course.

 Anna mum to Jacob

"This course provides magic for mothers and babies. It is exactly what maternity leave is for"

Melanie mum to Jasper and a midwife.

"Debra's babymassage classes provide mum's and babies with the opportunity to learn and pratice lovely massage techniques. Afterwards we had a chat about topics relevant to new mum's e.g weaning, over a cup of tea. It is an excellent continuation of the practical surport provided by Birthmatters. And my baby loves his massage!

Vicky mum to Jessica

"Very relaxed environment...No pressures, coffee and a chat at the end of the session very pleasant...made to feel very welcome in Debra's to feed baby and let them sleep when needed..."

Viv mum to Olivia

"Relaxed way to learn and practical too" can implement straight away..."